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Qi Gong (Tai Chi) - at La Mirabelle


Qi Gong, (Tai Chi) One of the four branches of traditional Chinese medicine

Qi Gong, Working with energy.

Qi Gong is an ancient holistic evolving Chinese practice. Which has been in use for some thousands of years. It has been associated with Taoism, Buddhism and other philosophical/meditative practices, as well as some martial arts.

Qi Gong has long been associated with the concept of ‘self healing’ and preventative medicine, as part of an holistic approach to health and harmony of mind and body. The practice can improve vitality, natural energy levels, posture, balance, flexibility and concentration. It relieves stress, tension or anxiety, combats fatique, burn-out, depression and insomnia and reduces headaches, back/shoulder ackes, muscular pain and high blood pressure.

However Qi Gong can also be seen as a simple exercise to promote relaxation and wellbeing with no attachments to any particular philosophy other than that of self improvement be it for relaxation, health or just that of a social grouping of like-minded people.

Practicing Qi Gong can be a very rewarding and uplifting experience.

Qi Gong Classes at La Mirabelle

Here at La Mirabelle the intention is to introduce the novice to the practice of Qi Gong. 

There is an English Class held every Monday in Taizé-Aize at 15h30 and a French Class held every Wednesday in Sauze Vaussais, also at 15h30.

The groups have a maximum number of 10 people to enable me to give everybody the attention they need.