Latest Information

As we are all aware the covid-situation has become worse and so we are now in confinement once again.

All Qi Gong sessions had to be cancelled as group sessions are not allowed. 

Massage therapies, working one to one person is authorized, therefore I may continue with treatments. However the virus is still around so a treatment is only possible if obvious precautions are followed.

All general rules and precautions continue to apply, and strict hygiene measures must be followed by both me and the client.

If you notice any possible symptoms before your treatment with you or one of  your family members then inform me as soon as you can and we will change the appointment to a later date after the mandatory period of ‘self isolation’, when treatment will again be possible.

General rules:
  • Wash or sanitize your hands regularly
  • You must wear a mask on the premises
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meters as much as possible.
  • Use paper handkerchiefs and bin them after use
  • No hugs, kisses or hand shaking
Whilst you are here -
  • When you enter the premises you will see disinfectant hand gel at both entrances which I would like you to use.
  • Wear a mask and just before the treatment starts you can take the mask off to be able to breathe freely.
  • After the treatment the mask must be put on.
  • I shall wear a mask during all treatments whether it is a reflexology or a massage.
  • I shall be washing my hands thoroughly before and after a treatment.
  • The fitted sheets on the massage table and the reflexology chair are removed. If you come for a massage please bring your own towels (2 large + 1 normal size). It is important that both the treatment table and you are well covered. For a reflexology treatment 2 normal sized towels will do.
  • You are able to use the toilet, but please wash your hands after thoroughly and dry your hands with a paper towel and put it in the waste bin. There is disinfectant availablel, so please sanitize the toilet after use.  
  • If you use the outside staircase please remove your shoes before entering the studio.
  • There will be 15 minutes between treatments to avoid contact with other clients and to give me the opportunity to sanitize and air the treatment room in preparation for the next client.  
  • Please wash your hands before leaving the studio.

Thank you for understanding