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   60 mins


   € 45


Back & Neck Massage


How can a Back & Neck Massage help me?

The Back and Neck Massage is very popular, this is because we hold a lot of muscle tension in these particular areas of our body and this massage concentrates only on the upper body. When stressed, or sitting at a desk for long periods, holding a bad posture, as well as hard physical work can all increase this tension.

The Back and Neck Massage is designed to encourage relaxation, relieve the tension that builds up in the back, neck and shoulder area. This will help you unwind, ease stress, improve circulation and lift your mood.

The same principles are followed as for the full-body massage to stretch and massage various energy points and tense muscles in the back, neck and shoulder area only.

It is ideal for easing stress and muscular tension in the back area resulting from a desk-bound or sedentary occupation.