reflexology side

A few words about me 


If I had to describe myself in brief then it would be ‘a caring spirit’.

Back in the early 90's, I was introduced to reflexology and it was then that I had my first reflexology treatment. I was very impressed with what this therapy did for me and I wanted to understand what it was about in order to also be able to help other people with their health issues.

Having had health problems from a fairly young age, I had a natural empathy for others also suffering with health problems. Consequently, having experienced first hand the effects of ‘reflexology’, I decided to change direction in my life and study ‘reflexology’. So after a little research I found a year long course which fulfilled my requirement and in 1994 became a certified foot-reflexologist.

Despite recognising that great results were being achieved with clients, the lack of my general knowledge of physiology and pathology frustrated me. Consequently I searched further and found a chance to increase my education in 'Reflexology' discovering a 3-year vocational study of body and foot reflexology as well as complementary, comprehensive training in massage.

The education offered a deeper understanding of the practice of 'Reflexology'. The study included a broad grounding in:

  • Anatomy - physiology - pathology
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Massaging, both techniques, and theory.

During the study we were encouraged to specialise in one particular subject, I chose Diabetes types I and II’.

In 2002 I completed my studies, became a certified therapist and have been providing reflexology and massage treatments for clients since then.

Qi Gong

I had been interested in Qi Gong some years, having travelled to China on various occasions, and was re-introduced to the practice when we moved to ‘La Mirabelle’. After attending a couple of refresher courses I was encouraged by my teacher to start teaching, and share my knowledge. In 2012 I did so. This completed the circle.

Wellbeing at Studio La Mirabelle

What drives me is to make people happier and healthier in life.

Reflexology, Massage and Qi Gong can show you what can be done to improve your health. It makes me happy when I can help people, teaching them how to listen to the signals of their body. In my treatment room I offer a safe place to give time and attention for body and mind. When I give a treatment or a Qi Gong class I am fully engaged with my client(s).

It feels like a privilege to be able to carry out this beautiful and rewarding profession which I see as a craft, because every treatment is tailor-made and never feels quite the same. It is nice to do, give’s me energy, and from comments made by my clients, it seems to do the same for them.


Thank you,